Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer block party! Photos!!

Okay, this is me... at the 'strip club'. Well, of course, I'm cutting 'strips'.... what did you think I'd be doing? "C" is at the Sew-er Dept. sewing strips to heartstring blocks.
Here is the Cafe, where all the ladies got to enjoy the lunch they brought and snacks for all to share. (I think they liked staying at the Cafe much longer than the 20 minutes we'd planned.) Oh, well, it was for fun.... so I kept my 'whip' in check.
This is the Designer's House, unfortunately, not much got passed this point (except the lasagna quilt).
My mom, Muriel, Dot and Janet are triage-ing the blocks that need stitches taken out (The Emergency Medical Center, where boo-boos are fixed).
This area should have had steam coming from it, since it was the 'Foundry' (where the iron-workers were).
Miriam and Margaret - at the Pie Factory where they were making 'pies' (eventually they will be made into the quilt in front of the factory).
Marilyn is diligently working at putting the recipe together for the 'lasagna quilt'. All the ingredients ended up in the pot below the table. (I've posted a photo of the lasagna quilt towards the end of this post).
These ladies were really busy working on charity quilts. They were here in the 'neighborhood' from 9am-almost 4pm!!
Woody hanging out at the strip club....
Here is the lasagna quilt. All we have to do at our Sept. mtg is to 'cover it with sauce'..... (I made sure to use only the finest ingredients; peppers, spinach, eggplant, cheese, pasta, sauce, chopped onions, etc). See if you can see each of the ingredients.

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Mary said...

You guys have it down to a science! We had a HeartStrings sew-in yesterday - what fun to sew with a group of people working on donation quilts.

I had one of your pink quilts with me to bind but was busy working on the tops we were assembling so didn't get it stitched down - that's OK because the Olympics are coming up and I plan on stitching bindings while watching them. Both of the small pink quilts are quilted and I'll send photos along once they're bound.

I've got a goal of 10 quilts by August 31 and am loading #4 tonight...after this - the green HeartStrings quilt of yours.