Sunday, February 22, 2009

Midnight Quilters... Yippee!!

Don't ask how I did this one, but I did and I got so much accomplished! It's been almost a year or so since I've had my Friday nights free to make plans... Recently, youngest daughter got a job that would free me up on Friday nights. Our local quilt shop has twice-monthly sew nights on Fridays. 6pm-Midnight, pay one cost and they feed you pizza, drinks... you just bring stuff to work on and a snack to share.
It took me almost a month to get on a Friday that wasn't filled, but I did it! One hiccup though... I didn't realize that I would end up in Boston during the day with my mom and hubby to take out oldest daughter to lunch, then scoot home to CT, pack up car and head to the quilt shop to sew. I don't think it helped that I went to bed at 12:30AM the night before, couldn't fall aasleep til 2:15am, woke up at 4am....(see where this is going?) Do you think that stopped me???
Heck, NO!
I usually take WAY more than I'm gonna accomplish, but this time, due to lack of time, I only packed a few things. I got some black selvedge squares done (samples), and I like them.... a sample of my chenille scarf for my quilt group to 'test-drive', since they will see the finished product at the next mtg--they only saw how to cut it out at the last mtg--, and put the blocks together on a Pink/black and white HS quilt, and made a few more blocks for the Blue/Black and White HS quilt (this one I'd like to put together for a man with Brain cancer).
I was surprised how quickly I fell asleep, since I left there at 11:45pm and felt pretty awake! Not for long....zzzzzzz

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Trish said...

I am so excited for you! Spending time retreating with friends and getting projects done is just awesome!! Can't believe you managed to stay awake the whole time So.. do you think you were asleep Before your head hit the pillow???? hee hee

Hugs, Trish in Kansas