Friday, February 13, 2009


Ok, this is weird... and I'm still in shock! My oldest daughter is not one for crafts, not really. unless she's buying them, ... maybe.
Well, she has a birthday coming up and I asked for some suggestions. She referred me to her Amazon wish list. There were a few people with her same name, so I check the first one (my first guess) and scanned the items on the list. As soon as I got to 'Sewing machine and case" I knew I had the wrong girl, since she has always brought me her slacks to hem for her ever since she's been away at college. Of course, living out of state now, means she brings them to me and I ship them back to her when I'm done. I think the only extent of her sewing was buttons, maybe.
I questioned if this list was her, since other things on the list sounded like her likes, and she said "yes it was". That she wanted to be able to do her own pants (no wait time from me getting time to do them and shipping them).
I'm still in shock.....


Sweet P said...

I guess people can change. Maybe there is hope for her after all.

Mary said...

I don't even hem pants for myself -- my sewing machine is for quilting only!