Thursday, February 19, 2009

Will I regret this???......

I've decided to 'co'-Chair an annual Fair at our church. The only reason I'm doing it, is because the other person Chairing this event has done it so many times, that it should be old hat for him. My husband and I usually Chair the Hot Dog/Hamb booth, but this year he can't as he's working. I know, you say, why can't he switch with someone else? He's already done that. ( I know that doesn't make sense, but you see, we always have the fair on the Sat before Mother's Day, so when he saw that he'd be wlring that Sat, he switched with someone. At the last Vestry mtg, we decided to have it a week later... oops!) And he can't switch it to any other Sat, as we are on vacation the next two Sat..... oh, well..... and besides, I'm on lay-off for two months (Apr-May), so I'll have time closer to the fair to do last minute things.
The problem, leaves me less time to sew during my layoff!
The good thing is, I sent off 323 happy blocks to Mary at HeartstringsQuilt Project for their sew-in, and two QOV quilts (to be quilted), with all the "fixin's"(bakcing, batting, bindings, etc) for Alycia's project. that's for our quilt crew!

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