Monday, April 20, 2009

Sew few people,, sew much done!

Hey, what a surprise!!
I had set aside the afternoon for the group to quilt (Sunday, after the 10am church service), and knowing how hard it is for some to 'give up' their family time on the weekends, I didn't expect too many people. In that respect, I wasn't disappointed. Just Margaret and me....
But that's okay!! We had such a relaxing time.... yacking away, and getting stuff done. We put the ties into a quilt for Charlotte's Garden and I found I DID have a black pigma pen to 'add' Made for Charlotte's Garden" above the present label (which I believe says it's a "Heartstring Quilt Project"). This is one we have put aside for Marta (moderator of the CG site).
While I was 'piecing batting' for a quilt, ... and by the way, I hate that job-- but when the batting it 'donated' you use what you have (we aren't funded by the church) Actually, that IS our motto... "Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can, and It will be enough."

We also picked out and pieced a backing for the black and white heartstring quilt with pink and orange (haven't named it yet). Also, pieced the backing for the "Blue-min' Heart" quilt and have that ready to quilt. Margaret started to stitch in the ditch on the "Lasagna 1" quilt (I may finish that before the next meeting). As nice as it was to have no one asking questions about what should they be working on, it made me get more done, too, it was too bad we couldn't have had more people there.

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