Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What a Fun way to spend a day NOT sewing...

Today was just plain HOT! Hey, 90 degrees in the northeast in April is HOT!! My grandson, Kai had a squirtgun ready for Gramma (Thank you Kai)

It was a day of babysitting for my daughter, but I also needed time to do some small 'touch ups' in the dining room (we're renovating). See the last post... It was nice to see the garden is coming along. I have MOST of last year's leaves off the beds, but haven't put any mulch down. We're thinking of cutting down a few trees and that may be what we use the 'wood chips' for.

This is the view of our house from the back lawn (think it needs to be cut?? --no, really, I'm on the ground--think 'ant'). I have so many of these violets, that the birds have been 'depositing' them all over the lawn.

This is a bleeding heart that mom gave each of us kids as we bought our own houses. She split them all from the original plant.

All along the rock edge I have these things (anemones?) that spread too....

One lonely tulip ... this bed was FULL of tulips before the squirrels got them over the years.
It was fun to sit at the picnic table and watch Kai play in the "sand pit" that I made with the leftover sand from last year. I usually put it down in the pathways, but I'll let him mix the dirt with this pile.... He was enjoying it.
He even washed a few toys...
I finally decided it was hot enough to have him wear "Papa's" hat! Too cute!!
This is my favorite picture of him.....
Thanks for a fun day.... (should have taken a picture of him taking a LONG nap after lunch!! That was the ulterior motive...heee,heee)

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Sweet P said...

You did have a fun day yesterday. It was very hot day in New England. I'm glad the heat is gone now.

I hope you renovations are done soon.