Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vacations are great ...oh, and fabric, too!

I didn't think I'd be putting a lot of pictures into this posting, but I just couldn't stop myself. What better way to start a Maine vacation post than with the sunset on Cadillac Mountain?

Just exquisite! So many people up there to take photos of it. I can see why... We took mom along for the week, made a few stops on the way to the cottage/house we were renting.

It's sad to see the economy is hitting everyone. We happened to see this couple on the streets of Belfast... very picturesque town, but still, not for these two. At least they have each other.

After stopping at the grocery store for the cold things, we finally we get to our destination!! Southwest Harbor, Maine...! (notice the wet roads?)
Most every day it was overcast, but we didn't get the rain until Wed afternoon, then it rained off and on through Sat. (it was looking good at 6:15am when a deer came through our yard, up the driveway, into the back,.... then it poured! We at least had the car packed by then.)
I'm gonna show you a few of our 'jaunts'... mostly hiking, trails and such, nothing TOO strenuous, remember, we have mom with us-- she's 81, and spry, but she has developed a fear of height/edges in years of late.

This is a shot I took (my favorite) of the boats at the dock across the street from our cottage- at the ferry dock. I loved the flowers in the window boxes at the 'Gallery" across the street- the view of the harbor isn't bad either.This purple flower is amazing! I loved it... And the purple iris are some that the neighbor thinned out of her garden to send home with me. (I owe her my Rootbeer colored ones).

This is a section on Park Road, in Bar Harbor (Acadia National Park), close to Thunder Hole ( which wasn't cooperating that day. Sounded more like a truck driving on a wet road, rather than thunder). It was like a field of Easter eggs. Must be the bunny's stash! This is a cute little place (notice the 'for rent' sign on the side of the cottage?) on the water... in Pretty Marsh area.Must show you a lighthouse, of course. This is Bass Harbor Lighthouse. A Coast Guard family lives there and operates it.
Dear hubby and I love rocks! I usually bring large ones home (for my flower garden) and he brings home the little ones that fit in your pocket. This one is relatively small... and it's in the shape of a heart.
We also couldn't have gotten out of Maine without having Lobster (oops, I mean, Lob-stah!). This one is mine (3.5lb-er-- and NO I couldn't finish eating it in one meal!) And I could eat mine, because I didn't name MINE. --can't eat pets! oh yeah....Here is the seagull saga... It all began with know, the innocent feeding of the gulls by the husband...
And the gull likes what little we have so much that he takes my mom (in the car, reading) hostage-- we ran out off crackers.I was a little intimidated by him.... Hey, he's on MY car and my mom isn't even aware of it. But look at that 'evil eye' he's giving me! Would you venture close to this creature?? Why he even started pecking at my XM antennea. I yelled at him (from a distance) and then he REALLY started terrorizing me AND MY MOM!! Just look at her!! She doesn't even know what he's doing up there...(Although she said she could hear him....Actually, she thinks she's a moose- long story, family joke-- I never have seen one, so I think 'they don't exist'.)
This is a monument to the granite cutters in Stonington...
Of course, we were in town for the Memorial day parade.... very nice, but quick! (little town)...
We went up to Arusticou Terraces with my mom (afraid of heights, remember?), notice how she's 'clinging' to her son-in-law?? And of course, the 'trouble-maker is pointing to the bottom of the cliffs...(We made sure we were in the will, first).
This was a little cafe in Stonington and the Fresh Cod sandwich was to die for!!! And the seafood chowder was so thick I almost had no broth!
Acadia National park is our favorite place to go... This is Monument Cove ( I think)... We had to climb the cliffs to make it up from the beach (that had the Easter bunnies 'stash' behind Lee) This was a little boat launch area that we weren't supposed to be in, unless we were 'launching', but we took a few quick photos here.
And this is another little off the beaten path, that we took more rocks home from. (Is it illegal to take them, if the whole island is the National Park?-- I think so)
This is the dock across the street from our cottage... Great place to stay. We plan to come back next year.
Oh, yeah.... the fabric. Well, I went to Marden's and got a yard of this and a yard of that... some for me and some for the quilters at church and even some for the Project Linus crew at church. All in all, I walked out of there with just shy of $200 worth of fabric. NO. If I had to buy it at home, it would have cost me 3-5 times that amount. So it was worth it.( I'll try and post photos of the fabric tomorrow after our church quilter's mtg.) Only problem I saw was that I bought it on Tues and then couldn't 'play' with it all the time I was up there. No scissors, no sewing machine... hmmmm.... maybe next year. ( I know I'd better be REALLY good all year after that trip!)

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