Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bathroom renovations-pre paint

I thought it would be quick to do the bathroom painting in a little cape cod style house, but I was wrong! What I thought could get done by noon on a Friday, turned into a weekend project. (and as of this writing, I'm not finished.)
Here are some pre-shots of the room... Now you must realize this was wallpapered before, so that got stripped off, wallboard (looks like cement board) was repaired and I washed as much of the adhesive off as I could. Ceiling was also repaired and ready for paint (by the contractor).

This shot is a little yellowed...

I applied a enamel based primer before the rose paint... doing the ceiling wasn't too bad and I know with the smoke stains from the previous owner, it may have to have two coats. Not a problem.

This came out okay!

However, when I did the brush strokes around the trim and then went to do the roller work, the paint that had started to dry also started to peel UP! INTO CLUMPS!!
Well, that lead to a call to Home Depot, where I 'boldly' exclaimed my dismay at the quality of the Behr primer. After calming me down, he offered to send someone (supervisor) over to see the wall and what was the primer doing to itself! (Eyebrows raised...hmm!)

When the man saw what was going on and realized I had a cement wallboard, he recommended having me use (at THEIR COST), an oil-based primer, then use my usual paint. He even tried to paint a second coat which is what you see here. I ended up sanding down a 'glump' of paint that rolled up and looked like glue when it dried! As much as I didn't want the mess of oil-based, I took him up on it. (I'm using tray liners and I'm throwing away the liner and the roller when done, so I don't have to have the cleaning mess in the middle of winter (less ventilation, too although I'll run the fan and have the door open). When I got the primer this time, the man in the paint area suggested I get the primer tinted towards my red, and it would be easier to cover. Okay with me! It' nice to see Home Depot is concerned about customer satisfaction. I'm sure in the economy, it's smarter to keep the customers you have.

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