Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quilting again...and repairs

I have tomorrow off from work, and although I have a doctor's appt in the morning, I plan to sew some pillowcases and work on the rest of the log cabin blocks from our quilting event last weekend. Some were cut a little off, some weren't finished, so that will be good to finish those.

I hope to cut the pillowcases into kits so I can just flat-out SEW! I counted the ones we did, separating them into some for the local shelter (8-10), some for Alycia's No Soldier Forgotten project (8-10) and for children having cancer treatments (Conn-Kerr Cancer-delivered to the CT Children's Medical Center)- 18 so far.

I can't wait for next weekend, when my mom and I will be going to NH for a Heartstrings Sew-In. I should have plenty of foundations cut up for that, too. I ALWAYS have plenty of strings!! Once that event is done, and the next mtg of our church group (Monday), then I think I can 'spare' my sewing machine long enough to have it serviced and repaired (It's burned it's nose...).

I think I first noticed it a while back when threading the needle and I burned my knuckle. I don't dare get into it, but I'll have them do it. I don't want to screw up something worse. I just HATE not having my machine in the sewing room. I suppose I can haul up the old Singer that my aunt bought me (about 40 yrs ago) from the cellar.


Alycia said...

Have fun at the sew in!!

Mary said...

I just got my machine back after servicing but won't get it set up for a while, luckily my back up machine is great.