Friday, January 1, 2010

Quilting resolutions and Paying it Forward

I'm not really good at my own resolutions, so I hesitate to make them here. I continue to post the 'personal'  quilts or quilted items on the sidebar as I get to see them everytime I post to this blog, but I've realized from last year, that I do more attempting to get the quilts done for my quilting group at church then for mine at home. I guess that's why mine don't really get done. You see, I'm getting something accomplished, just not in THIS direction.

Okay, I am 'going to try' and get one UFO progressed to the next level every other month (6 per year). that means that if it is in the stage of piecing the blocks, I move it to the stage of a top. If it's in the stage of a top, I add borders (if needed). If it's in the stages of being sandwiched and just not quilted, I will tie or quilt it. If it's in the stages of being quilted (by me or someone else), I will get the binding done. How will this get my UFOs depleted, you ask? I hope that when I start to see forward movement being done on one, I'll be motivated to take it one MORE step forward, though that won't be the 'requirement'. And THAT will be a plus!
The nice thing is that my buying habits and 'storing of fabrics' for that future project has diminished IMMENSELY!! And if I start any projects now, I donate it to church for our charity quilts.

Oh, and I may make a request of anyone who reads this blog.... Just once this year (more if you are able), when you have some extra money, and you're sitting in a restaurant/coffeeshop/cafe,... look around you and make the choice to pay the bill (anonymously or not) of another customer (including tip). (Or even buy a sandwich and a hot cup of coffee for someone who is down and out on the street. ) Just because you are fortunate to be able to. It just may cause a domino effect where they pay someone else's bill,  and THEY pay someone...well, you get the idea. It's the idea of paying it forward. If we try and take care of each other without the expectation of such, what a better world this may be.


Kat said...

Hi Nancy! I LOVE your idea of paying for someone else's meal! In college, I used to ride public transit a lot more, and ended up meeting a lot of homeless people...I think another (free!) way of "paying it forward" is to simply would be surprised a) at some of the stories people have and b) at the sheer gratitude of just having someone to talk to some people have. It breaks my heart to think that something so simple and easy could help someone so much, but it's the truth!

In any case, awesome post! Very inspiring, all in all. Make sure you post pictures of the progress you make on your UFOs, too! Everyone saying oooh and aaah should keep you motivated as well! :-)

Nancy Eaton said...

Kat, I wish I could say it was my idea, but I heard someone did this locally at a coffee shop and the customers kept the 'paying' going forward all morning long. It's a lovely idea (wish I could say I thought of it myself, but alas.... I'm just spreading the word)..LOL