Saturday, March 13, 2010

Daughter Engaged FINALLY!!

My youngest daughter sprung it on me before Thanksgiving that she was (oh, btw) engaged to her beau (long-distance) who lives in FL. I was rather sceptical, since her 'history' of dating didn't seem to last too long with ANY guy, let alone someone in another state! He came up at Christmas.... still no ring ("It's being resized, Mom...). Yeah, okay.
Well, I got a phone call from a local jeweler with a message for my daughter... "Her ring is in".
Damn! Don't you know, she really FINALLY is!! Congratulations, Julie. It's a blue diamond with white diamonds down the sides and a very small blue diamond sits under the big on (in the space below) on each side. Very pretty.
They aren't getting married until summer of 2012, which is fine. They want to pay for it themselves, ... that's fine. They will get married back up in CT,.... that's really fine.

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Greenmare said...

what an unusual and really pretty ring! congratulations to her!