Monday, March 8, 2010

Door Renovations

Well, (Jan 13, 2010) we gave our choices of back door/storm door to the contractor! It will be so nice to get a new back door (our old one is soooo bad), AND a new screen door (that works!). I can't believe I'm getting mini-blinds inside the glass panes (they don't get dusty and I can wash one pane of glass!) and a screen on the storm door that I don't have to take out and put away!! WHoooo Hoooo!!
I actually think I'll post photos next to each other... before and after shots....
This is the interior door from the inside kitchen. pretty shabby....I'll show details of the really bad spots, since the devil is in the details, as they say.

And this is the new door... Mini blinds are pulled down now, but I'll show you them when you can see the outside (tomorrow when the sun is shining).
Here we go. Figures, my grandson needed to 'help' show off the doors. You can tilt the blinds using the top 'bar' or raise and lower them using the bar that runs down the right side of the door. You can't imagine how much fun I had the first few days playing with that door.
Some of the bad 'details' are such.... a storm door that is pulling the wall out everytime the wind catches the storm door......
a door knob that has a section of it in the middle that has chipped off (the key still goes in, I don't know how)
Great door latches that barely work (great security, huh?)

...a door sill, that is chewed away. (This was the part I loved getting replaced!!)
And this was the pile on the driveway that was gonna go, 'bye bye'!! (No, the garage doors are NOT on this year's list, although they will be replaced (or the garage will be rebuilt...someday).
Now for the storm door.....This was the old one. Pretty ratty.
This was what held the storm door on. (not much, wouldn't you say?)
This is the new door before the storm got put on (and no trim). NICE DOOR! It just needs to be painted (primed fiberglass)
This is the storm from the inside. The nice thing is the top glass slides down into the bottom pane, while bringing the screen down with it (from a secret place inside the top of the door). No need to store the screen door somewhere and the screen is high enough that the cats can't dig holes in it (what a concept!).
And this is the view from the outside. YEA!!!!Ain't she a beauty?

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