Saturday, March 13, 2010

Renovations Interupted

I wish I could say I could do more sewing this week, but I can't yet. (Next week is the plan).
Hubby and I went to the "Home Show" in Hartford this past weekend looking for flooring (kithen, hall, bath) and came home wit hlots of ideas and plans for measurements to be taken by a few new companies, but it was unusually cold come Sunday night, .... and I called the gas co. since the heat didn't seem to be on.
Well, the good news is... we have the heat on!
The bad news is.... they recommended (can you say... INSISTED) we get some furnace /boiler quotes to replace our present one. So I spent the week getting quotes. Can we say anywhere from $6500-9,000? And we really had about $5,000-6,000 left to spend on the ktichen. I guess that may have to wait. Crap!!
This is the old cast iron one. Probably as old as the house (circa 1947).

This is the water heater.... another old bear! But it works well, so far. (Though REALLY inefficient!)

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