Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Layoff 8 wks. Now to make an appt for EVERYTHING!

Somehow, if you know you have to work, you plan for everything else in your life. Now that I have 8 wks of Lay-off, my days are ...o-p-e-n. I may need to appt EVERYTHING to make sure things get done.
So here goes.
1. Taxes. (without getting this done, I can't get the next few things done.
2. Call Frank (electrician) and set up time to replace outside electrical line and put in breakers.
3. Discuss quotes on furnaces.
4. finish sanding/painting medicine chest so I can finish bathroom.
5. Finish painting the area behind the bathroom door.
6. Sort through the craps of fabric from the PeacebyPiece Quilters.
7. Make kits up for demo (pillowcases) at the Quilting retreat on Mar 25.
8. Organize finanaces and balance checkbook (it's been a long time since I've done that!!)
9. Figure out what I'm taking to retreat.
10. Clean den out.
11. get rid of 'stuff' for May Fair
12. Sew
13, pick out furnace
14. Take mom out for birthday
15.Paint new back door
16.Return flooring samples to Flooring America
17. Return samplew to Carpet Factory Outler
18. Set up time with Flooring Amer to measure square footage for flooring
19. Send money to Hank for vacation cottage (April 20th)
20. Send RWB quilt to Mary J.
21. Drop off Pillowcases to Children's Med Center of CT
22. Drop off pillowcases to Shelter
23. Mail pillowcases to Alycia in CO
24. Sew plaid HS blocks for PBPQ
25. Find teal border for swimmers quilt

I'm sure I'll have to add to this and revisit it to make sure things are getting done.

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Lisa said...

Great list, Nancy! I have one to add though - "post about your scrap organization system"!!!! I can't wait to read it and maybe even see pictures.