Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Chapters

Well, I'm glad my daughter has turned a new chapter in her life, even if it means she stays with us a little while longer. She has sold her dog, Snoopy, even though he hasn't lived here with her and Malakai. She's been keeping it at a friend's house in New Britain. I wouldn't allow a dog here, and she knew it. It was a birthday gift (?) from her 'former' fiancee when they were engaged...but that ended with a text message on Labor Day weekend. From him. Sad, but not...She is doing well with it, but it certainly changed the way things were going for her.(Transfer of job/Kai's school/doctors/child care/med ins/etc... to FL, and plans to save money for the move - $1300 for moving van). He wasn't ready... being in FL makes it easier for her. It's easier on Kai, too... He's so in cinque with family and Sheila (day care) ....It will be a better Christmas for us, too.

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