Saturday, December 11, 2010

Can I sneak in a sewing weekend?

Yes, I know it's close to Christmas and I should be buying/wrapping gifts, but there has been a 'silver lining' that came in with this dark cloud at our house...MY SATURDAYS ARE FREE!!!

If you read my last post, my 24-yr daughter (who lives with us, along with her 4 yr old son) lost her job at a veterinarian hospital. I used to give up my Sats. to watch her my grandson and that was okay (I actually told her that I'd give her one day of the weekend to watch him for work- it just ended up being Sat almost always), but I guess, since I spend the morning at church on Sundays , I really ended up with a half day for ME on the weekends. And at this time of year, my busy time, that pretty much sucks, since I can't get a lot done for me. He's very active (has issues with ADHD and impulse control), so I spend most of the time loving him and having fun (yes, I'm the entertainment committee).

But NOWWwwwww, I'm free! sew
....and soon I'll have a shortened work schedule (maybe no Fridays), so that's even more time to sew. YEA!

Soon,... very soon, my hubby will be off to work (works every three Sats), and daughter and son will be off to an annual Christmas party at a social club in town, and I'll be alone. Yeah,...alone. I have so many things to do, but I should do the things I can when they aren't around. Like wrap my husband's present (I got a ...well, I can't write it here since he's sitting next to me on his computer), and a few other things I've gotten. Then I can see where I am with buying. I also have to make 3 more pillowcases (I use these for gift wrapping for my grandkids presents). I need to pick out fabric for them and I should call and ask them what they want; dogs, cats, fairies, cars, etc.

I should just make the list here, then cross it off as I go..
1. Wrap gifts already bought
2. Buy/mail MIL's giftcard
3. grocery shop (sometime this weekend)--need milk
4. make and add label to quilt for Darrell
5. write letter to go with quilt with correct spelling of name
6. write letter to go with Betty B's quilt
7. make 3 pillowcases... made two
8. make purple binding for Easter egg quilt blue fabric for blueberry quilt
10. Make binding for Blueberry quilt
11. go see if DIL needs help moving into new house(rental)
12. go to site to check out what daughter needs for wedding.
13. rip out borders on lasagna quilt that it wicked off-skewed
14 Write to Anna with records keeping of PBPQ; Betty, Darrell, Erk
15. Contact Lelia for delivery info for Erik's quilt --quilt delivered
16. Write annual report for St Mary's- PBPQ
17. Write announcement of upcoming quilting event and send to Noreen for newsletter.
18. ...
I think that's it.

If you wish to see some of the projects that I may be working on at home, this blog is where I posted the photos....(Boy, see how many are getting done?....)

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Alycia said...

Oh I love the idea of some alone time to sew. I am happy for you!! Enjoy every moment!