Thursday, December 9, 2010

not a good day....Julie

Well, my daughter just informed me she may be losing her job on Thurs....her boss is an idiot, but that's besides the point. Says she can't do her job without others helping her out (then why did they give her a promotion, and raise a month or so ago?)...AND he's offering her a 'good recommendation' if she wants to transfer to the E Hartford branch (veterinary clinic) or she can be 'let go'...(How does that work? You thought she was worth a 'good recomendation', but she doesn't do her work well???? As a boss, I even know that doesn't really make sense!).... I say, take the 'good recommendation, tell him he'll have to 'fire you, get a pink clip and collect until you find another job. Call all the people (car payment, school loan, ins.... those you'd owe money to) and arrange payments considering your circumstances. Better to approach them, then repo the car.

She really has gotten through life the hard way. Mostly by her choices, but she must look for every rough road!

Let's hope she doesn't:
1. lose her car (due to lack of $$ to make payments),
2. lose her insurance on that car (ditto)
3. lose her patience with her son (and the rest of us),
4. lose her mind.... (or ,... maybe that's ME).

Maybe it's like Elizabeth Edwards (RIP) says... that you will find that the winds around you will change often in your life. You just have to remember to adjust your sails. Keep moving forward....everything that comes to mind...
This could be a blessing in disguise, this will be something you learn from, it's actually a blessing for me. I now get my Sat.s back...(I was always babysitting Malakai on Sat.s).

ps... her 'good recommendation' that was typed up, sounded more like a work 'verification' to me...and yes, she's done.

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