Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Great news!!!!

In all the panic of Kai, I forgot to blog about the best gift card we got this year!

Lee and I have 6 kids, collectively, of which 3 are married and one to-be. Of those kids, I have 5 grandchildren, but one couple has not had any (and I truely didn't expect them to have any). This couple tends to give us restaurant gift cards/movie passes and we do the same with them. I think it's getting to the point where we're waiting for the year we give each other the same restaurant (we've done it before), then we'll go with each other.

Well, this year they gave us our card at Lee's oldest's Christmas party (last Sat), and when I opened the little envelope, the card's front had this on it..."6<>26<>11". The <> is a rinestone. It puzzled me only because my oldest is getting married on the 24th.,,, but of July. Still puzzled, I opened the flap to see the most precious wallet-sized ultrasound picture!!!! All I could do was inhale sharply....and almost forgot to exhale, until someone else (other gramma), yelled! Wheeeee, yippee!

Second best gift..... after thirteen yrs of not being able to have my car even 'breathe in ' the air in the over-sized two-car garage, I now have a space in the garage for MY car. (We've always had antique car(s) in there, but since he sold the 1960 Falcon, the 1954 Ford Customline... I share the space with the 1948 Willy's

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