Friday, December 31, 2010

Sharing Christmas photos

Finally got a chance to download some photos of the holidays in CT.... enjoy.
 First fire in the fireplace in years...... Now all we need is the glass doors, so we can close it at night.
 Three of my favorite people...daughter, Amber and son Zachary, and Malakai

Can this family photo ever get taken without some of us fooling around?
 Probably not.

Great shot of Malakai and Anaka playing.

Ompah and Papa

Emma and Jason opening our "dinner and a movie" (they got movie tickets with the pizza stone)

 Morgan in her new pjs... surveying the other gifts.

 Julie, Amber and Ann in kitchen...hanging out before dinner.

 Hamming for the photographer....
 Okay ... on to my brother, Bill's house for Christmas Eve....

 Here is my mom and her friend, Amby.

Hmmm..... I'm not sure I have enough pie on this plate.... 
And here's the real dessert table. Have a little milk with that, Bill...

Cousins get to catch up with each other.... Scott,(future son-in-law), Leslie and Kathy.

 What's your favorite present Kai....? well, Grammaw, my scooter, but I need my cookie (in hand) and my water.
Don't you even doubt I busted a gut, when he came in the den one morning and wanted to show me his 'stuff' (tucked in his pants). It was the hat and glasses that had me in stitches!

 Come on, Grammaw, take my picture.....
 Isn't he just the cutest???
This was one of our trees..... It was so crammed in the dining room, we couldn't be in there to open presents. The living room gets too crowded with the bed for Les and Scott, so we put up the spiral one in there, and this year, we tried this in the dining room. (Last year for that thought).

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