Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Back? or new top...?

That is the question....

This is the new backing...
This is the original top...

I'm not sure where this post should be posted... here or on my church's blog for PbPQ. It was a heartstring quilt I started back in probably 2007, and has been on my UFO list for a while. I had the top done, but trying to do a 'Marilyn' for the back.

** Clarification... a "Marilyn' is named after one of my friends in the PbPQ group and a very accomplished quilter who doesn't like to have leftover fabric when she makes a quilt (not to say she doesn't have her own stash, just doesn't keep the scraps). So she uses everything leftover from making the top, for the back.
It takes a while, (which sometimes scares me, so I procrastinate) since I have no plan ahead of time

The nice thing is that I finished the back, and I think I can roll this over and use for the binding. I tried a few blocks (half log cabin) that I hadn't done before, so I'll be able to show the ladies at Monday's mtg the block that I've been trying to decribe to them. Marilyn and her friend (and our 4th in a card game) Rachael came over last night and when I showed her the back, so said... "oh no... you can't use that as a back, you've invested too much time into that!" ... "Well, Marilyn, I didn't want to create another top, I wanted to get this one finished!!". I think I'm using it for the back because then I have to create/piece more backs for (now) TWO tops. Somehow that's NOT getting them to the finished stage, it's just giving me more UFOs. Not the point of 'finishing' them!

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