Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Maple Festival

I took Kai to the Hebron Maple Festival... he'd never been and I haven't been to a Sap House (they call them sugarhouse's now) if over 40 yrs (last time on the Jamieson's farm in VT-we helped out thinking it was fun- they saw it as part of their chores).

He got to see the man stoke the fire right up close!! And we got to "see the smoke, Gramma!!" coming from the sap house (actually steam).
It was neat to see the HUGE cow up close... licking an 'itchy spot' on his fanny!
We also got to see all the activities in the center of town...bounce house, scavenger hunt, quilts show (Kai wasn't impressed with that- but he's 5). It was a lot of walking and it was chilly and windy. I needed a nap.

This fireman on his ladder was waving at all the people!!

They have a neat wall in town that curves... I saw a classmate's family name in it. Hey, Jeff Blow.... that's YOU!

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