Thursday, March 24, 2011

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I have only been able to sew 'slightly'... while taking care of my mom at her house. She's 83 and has had a case of pneumonia for the past week, however, she isn't taking very good care of herself. She had a few nights over the weekend where she was coughing herself awake, then not getting back to sleep. She called the doctor's office 3 times, but didn't realized she was 'leaving a message' for her doctor that wouldn't be seen until Monday. (She needed to let her doctor know that it was 'an emergency' and speak to a human -answering service). We took her in on Monday to her doctor, but I decided to stay a few days at her house and make sure she eats and drinks enough. My brother will be with her on Thursday (today) to take her back to the doctor (and maybe to his house for the weekend). She made her own breakfast this morning, but realized it was a HUGE effort. She is such a giver, that it's hard for her to 'take' from us kids at all!! Well, mom, 'suck it up'... we love you. Let us help you...

In the meantime, I got one quilt tied and trimmed (and would have finishing the binding, but the rest of the material is at church. I'll make a trip over there today to get the rest of it. Maybe I'll let my mom hand sew it (to keep her from getting bored sitting in her chair all day). I also, finished quilting around 5 roses to finish the Black Rose Panel quilt. Now it just needs a label. I may get it so four quilts will get blessed on Sunday.

I'm also trying to make a few blocks for the frontal cloth that my priest is commisioning me to make for NEXT Easter. I figure if I make 85-100 sections, I'll have enough to spare and some to make into another quilt top. We'll see. I'll post photos.

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