Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mike's gone...

Last Sat night, my aunt Lorraine, Michael Peck (my cousin)'s wife, Lynn and friends (actually it was put on by the friends) had a benefit for Mike.
 He's struggled with cancer, removal of kidneys, transplant of one kidney from his dad (now deceased), and all kinds of troubles.
Here are a few photos of my relatives....
My uncle Joe, Lolly and Maria in background.
My cousin, Donna's husband Ed, and Tony & Janice Lepore (my cousin).

My Aunt Delores (Aunt Lolly) and brother Bob.

Here's Bob, and my mom's oldest brother (Uncle Richie), and my mom.

Me and my sister Janet.

Bob & Mom. I love that jacket on you...

Nick even came on his 18th birthday....!
The Urgo family...

Nice photo of my sister and brother.

The benefit for him was put on at St George's Greek Orthodox church, tickets $25 pp, all food, drinks (although BYOB), raffle baskets, silent auction items even the band FountainHead (which my cousin Janis said played at her prom 32 yrs ago) played for free. Mike used to be their sound guy... There were tons of people there, unfortunately, Mike was in such bad shape, that he never was in shape to come to it, even for a little while. According to his brother, Brian, his mom and Lynn (his wife), he was 'hours away' from death. They had a hospice nurse keeping them updated with info on him (the church was only 10 mins away from the house) hourly. The plan as of Wed. was that he was coming! But things turned sour very quickly. He insisted they go to the benefit, and they insisted that he not go anywhere until they came home.

He passed away Sunday, Mar 13th, 2011 at approximately 8pm @ the age of 47.

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Trish said...

I am sorry to hear about Mike. I wish I was there to give you a hug. I can see how much he is loved and keep remembering all that is good about him!!
<<<<< HUG >>>>>>