Thursday, December 20, 2007

Midnight quilters

I'm not sure if this is a local thing.... but I've been doing it for a few years and LOVE it! Our local quilt shop in the next town, twice a month, sets up a room in the back of their shop with tables, ironing boards, and for a small cost will let you bring your sewing machine and the latest project to their shop to work on. It runs from 6pm til midnight and it includes dinner (mostly pizza and salad and drinks). We have the BEST time getting our UFOs, WIPs, WHIMMs, etc. worked on while seeing what the others are working on and being inspired, encouraged and given a quick tip or two that makes our hobby much more fun. The nice thing for us (and for them) is that they keep the shop open for just us and run a tab for the evening, just in case we need a break from sewing, and need to replenish. (We all bring something to snack on for the evening, too). We learn so much from each other. Usually, two tables are set up as cutting tables, two for food and the rest usually hold 2-4 people with their machines. I haven't been to one since the summer and I'm soo0 looking forward to it. Thank you Lee for watching Kai for a few hours so I can get there on time...
I'm bringing a table runner to finish (for Xmas), and may work on the binding on my daughter (& her beau's) quilt for xmas.
His side is the orange (Orange Twist) and her's is the back side... I literally was doing the binding on Christmas Eve day (they went out of the house for lunch). Whew! (the elves must have been on my shoulder.)

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