Friday, December 7, 2007

Signature Fabric

A few years ago I read that some quilters have a 'signature fabric'... something that says something about them. Something that speaks to them. A fabric that they put in every quilt they make. Even though I remember thinking that was such a great idea, I had no idea what I would use as MY signature fabric, .... until I saw this fabric.
It had a lot of qualities that I would say mean something. My favorite color rose is salmon (albeit a softer shade), and I do tend to use 'bright' shades of fabric in my quilts... it's a bit 'wild and crazy', of which I'm a little bit... and the olive, ...oh, the olive.
Let me tell you about the olive. My oldest daughter just doesn't tell too many people she loves them (even though we all know she MUST!), so when she went off to college, I announced that I was changing my name. "What??" she asked. "Yup, I'm changing it to 'Olive Umom' and I expect to be called by my full name from now on." She just smiled and slowly shook her head.
Well, the emails we traded during her tenure at college, started or were signed 'Olive' many times (she did say "I love you, too, Mom" as I turned to leave her in her first dorm room... =-)-- and a tear slide down my cheek as I walked down the hallway...) and even now, we use the endearing term, "Olive". So you can see this is a very appropriate fabric for my signature. Now I make sure I put some part of it in most every quilt. It's almost like an Alfred Hitchcock movie...... ("What did she write???"...yeah, I'm not multipersonalitied...). You know,... when Mr Hitchcock made a 'guest appearance' in all his movies, sometimes just a 'whisper' of an appearance, way in the background, in a crowd. Well, so it is in my quilts.
Hey, dear daughter.... "Olive"

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