Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Unconventional Christmas tree-this year only!

Well, I think we have made this the 'final' decision (but then, I have one more week to change my mind-- and isn't that a 'woman's perogative?). This is the Christmas tree for this year. Now for those that know me WELL, this is soooo not right, but having a daughter and grandson living here, with ALLLL their stuff, makes you rethink space.

Notice the toys already up against the box heater.... and the only chair in the room (well, okay, there IS a couch off to the immediate right of our cat, Squeaker). If I put our currently used tree up (next photo), it would literally take up over 25% of the room. Seeee? Now, I know I could put the toys in the computer room, or even the real tree in there, too. But think.... I have elder daughter coming with her beau for the holidays and they usually sleep on the living room couch (you know, that one that you can't see) since it folds out into a queen-sized bed. And truly, if we set the real tree in the computer room, it would take up every available space in there, too. Did I say our house is small? I now see that the nylon string that holds up the spirals will hold up 'light' ornaments, but as you can see, not too much is going on it (of course, our favorite, "Monkey in a red pouch" made it....)

I suppose the only thing that will make us put up the 'real/fake' tree is the protest from the traveling daughter (then she can put it up ,decorate it AND sleep on the 'small' fold out bed from the twin bed...). But for this year....oh well. Did I tell you we got hit by the 'cookie elves'?..... That may be another posting.

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