Monday, December 3, 2007

Unconventional Baby Quilt

I am trying like crazy to finish a 'baby quilt' for a shower this Sat., but as you can see I'm really writing here instead. This girl who is pregnant is a co-worker/friend's daughter and last I remembered she was NEVER gonna have kids. (Yeah, right....). Well, I guess her husband convinced her. She thought it would be "Max", but now it's a "Sophie". I decided to make her a baby quilt of the most unconventional kind, since 'it won't be a girlie-girl', and I remember they love Maine, I started with the border fabric. I've always wanted to make an "I Spy" quilt of some kind, so I pulled some 'critter' fabric from my stash for the center of the blocks. I love log cabin blocks, so I decided to paper-piece this so I could design the blocks to go in a maze, as though the critters are following a path from the center to 'get out of the forest'. I made sure I used a lot of my stash for the 'paths', then after cutting all the sashing and the border pieces, I realized when I went to look at my notes that I'd planned for (7" paper-pieced blocks) but after they were sewed, they were actually 9" blocks!! Since the sashing and the borders were all directional, I thought I might be in trouble.... I gotta tell ya, I prayed a lot, closed my eyes and put it together! It worked. I knew I would have extra, I guess I just skated through with 'less' extra. Did I mention I was a "Fly by the seat of my pants" kind of quilter??? I have it all machine quilted (NOT MY FORTE!!), except for the border. I decided to add a kid-friendly pieced back to it-- red fabric with tan, black and white dogs on it... since they have a Chihuahua, named Chuck. Hope to sew the binding on this week (don't have a choice) at work on my breaks.


doni said...

Great quilt! The mom and baby are going to love it. I too, am a firm believer that "if it wasn't for the last minute, a lot of things wouldn't get done!!!"

Let's hear it for working under pressure!

Steel Scraps said...

Awesome quilt! I love your critter at the end of a path idea and will borrow it sometime in the future. What a wonderful combination of I Spy and log cabin!

Thanks for sharing.

Pat L

NancyE10 said...

Thanks for your compliments, ladies. I do most of my best work (actually, most of my work) under pressure. LOL

Sew Prim Khris said...

I love your I Spy Quilt in the maze Nancy. What a terrific way to do it...hugs, Khris in Oz