Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Okay... about those Cookie Elves...

About 10 years ago, we became friends with a family, whom we would later find out led a secret life. They would spend days upon days prior to the middle of December in their kitchens, secretly mixing, blending ingredients, shaking objects of various colors on their creative mounds... They would wrap them up individually, bag them and tag them, then sneak out to their 'sleighs' and shove any and all family members in. Then off they'd fly into the night (actually, many nights) and bombard your house in the dark of night so quietly that until you hear the loud quick banging and realize it's coming from the door only strangers use, it's too late!! They've HIT!! And all that's left in their dust is a small paper bag, taped to your front door, filled with a cookie for each member of the family to hang on your tree (only to be eaten when removing the ornaments from the tree. ( This year the became ecological-friendly by 'going green'...)
Now, shoot, I NEVER seem to see it coming! Hey, that doesn't mean I haven't seen the van's tail lights(oops, I mean 'sleigh dust') just about to slip out of sight down the road. I just haven't caught the actual 'culprits' -- oops, I mean elves(!) doing the dirty deed. They've been doing this for 45 yrs now, so I guess that's why they are soooo good at it. Check out their web site listed over there on the right, in 'My Favorite sites to visit' and see some of the poems they include in the bag. Hey, Elves.... I'll be ready next year! Watch out! Now, do you notice how little quilting is getting done? Never fear, I'm wrapping a few presents for those at work and finishing a table runner (gift for the) party on Sat., but then it's hibernating to the sewing room to get two other gifts sewn for Christmas. I have plans to 'sneak' out to a 6pm-midnight sew-in on Friday, the 21st.... (last minute Sally, again.)

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Angie said...

What a wonderful tradition! I just LOVE it!! :D