Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Amber's quilt progress- Plan B

Okay, actually, I think I got SHOVED into plan B, but I'm loving it! After staying up until 1:30AM Sunday, I finished the backing to my 3-D Fish Fins. I had a reason to go to work (I'm on layoff for April, so not to work, just to have lunch-Crockpot Monday!) and brought the quilt 'flimsies-front and back' with me as a co-worker wanted to see the 'finished' quilt. I knew I wouldn't get a chance to show her again, before Sunday. In showing the top and back to her, it started to draw a few others in to 'check out' what all the ooohing and aahhhing was all about. A couple of women said, "You shouldn't use the back on the same quilt! It's too gorgeous! Make a second quilt, that way each side has it's own uniqueness. I laughed, rolled my eyes, "That's true! LOL" and left with my quilt to head to the LQS and seek advice on the 'quilting/sandwiching' of the two pieces--together. When I got to the LQS, the owner agreed that they should be separated and then suggested I put the Backing in a quilt show! Wow, what a compliment!! (Of course, now that I think of it, she was probably thinking I would then be in the market for TWO fabrics for backing!!) .....Without sounding too conceited, I SO love the backing. It is one of my greatest creative designs! I even impressed myself!! Well, I found the perfect backing for the top - bubbles (I'll still do some original piecing/designing- just not as fancy) along with bindings for the two front and back. I've since cut the bindings (yea, they're done) and I hope to put the backing together for the 'shower present' (remember, I have to have this DONE by Sunday).

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