Friday, April 18, 2008

New Chapter finished!!

WOOOO HOOOOOO!! I just finished editing my last Issue (May 2008) of Basting Lines for the GHQG. I have been the Editor for the quarterly newsletter for our local guild since 2005, volunteer, of course. I was a VERY new member of the guild (3 months) and decided to take it on. I've enjoyed it immensely, however, in the last three years, my life has taken MAJOR turns. Not always for the worst, just very busier. Since the editorship began, I've had a couple of new grandchildren (one of whom, with his mom, moved in with me, and I spend 3 days a week babysitting-- along with my full time job). I also founded a group of quilters, Peace by Piece Quilters, at our church and we are BUSY!! I also just sent it to the website, so it should be up shortly... Whew! I can finally close this chapter.

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