Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Such accomplishments!!

Boy, did we have a great night at our Peace by Piece Quilters mtg, last night! We had two quilts brought in and finished, and many more worked on and gotten to close to final stages. Here "C" and Janet are holding our 'Clifford' quilt. Done!
This one needs a backing,
This one is laying on it's backing.... it will be sent to Mary at HeartsringsQuiltProject as a donation for all the work she does for us.
This is called Mints on your Pillow/Nightshades.
I'm posting a slideshow of last night's escapades... although it includes some of our early shots. My mom (age 80) made me take a photo of her 'getting up from the floor'- since I 'made her' work on the floor vs. a table... (I didn't)
(we really should have put more tables up to work on...) LOL. It was also nice to have Anna bring her grandson to 'help' with Nick's quilt.
He took right over and kept Janet working hard on her end- he liked 'designing the block placement'... (someone said another Ricky Timms in the making)..LOL

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Mary said...

You guys do such great work - I wish I lived close enough to be a part of your group.

I've finished quilting 3 more of your tops....there's one more of the original 7 that I want to load and quilt in the next couple days and then I'll have 4 to send back. There are closeup photos of the quilting on the 3 I finished this week on my blog.