Sunday, April 13, 2008

Charlotte's Garden-Ryne's quilt

I found Charlotte's Garden on my Stashbuster's site (Yahoo group). It's a group that making quilts (among other things) for mostly children (and a few adults) with terminal illnesses.
After lurking for a week or so... decided to sign up to make a quilt for one of the 'kids'. I picked out a girl (young adult) and am putting together an oriental quilt. That's what all the 4-Patch posies in one of my previous posts is for. This is it with just the sashing in place.
I have borders to attach to it, then I'll have my church group, Peace by Piece Quilters, help to get it finished.
Soon after signing up for that quilt, I saw Ryne (age 2 1/2)
that I HAD to choose, since he makes me think how lucky my 2 yr old grandson, Malakai-"Kai"- is to be healthy. If he wasn't healthy, I would hope someone would do nice things for him. His mom gave permission for me to publish this picture and his info.
Here's the front of Ryne's quilt, and a close-up (since he likes cars)
and Here is the panel on the back. Hope he likes it!!
I'm gonna ask the parishioners at our church to 'tie a prayer' into the ties I'm putting in.

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