Thursday, June 5, 2008

Charity Quilts to be Donated

I was overwhelmed by the amount of ladies at our last mtg. Seventeen! I think I have to get my mtgs organized so I don't feel as though I'm pulled in 17 directions! Yikes! We did get the 4 quilts that we got back from Mary, finished. They are even labeled! Thanks Mary!!
This one I call "Chocolate-covered Blueberries". It's going to someone in our church to bring to her relative with brain cancer. You're in our prayers, Jim....
This one is called "Wild Limes". It was made by Pat B, but I got to add the borders. I love Lime and Royal blue combo....Kinda hope I get sick or injured so it can go to ME! (Ok, not really-- sick, I mean).
This one was done with Breast Cancer material and Dot wanted to just add the thin blue border. It's smaller than the rest, but we can use it for someone in a wheelchair.
This is another of my favorites.... It was made with orphan pink blocks from the group. I call it "Pink Blinks", because it makes me think of an eyelid (dark at the corners, highlighted in the middle-over the lid). -- Okay maybe it's just me. LOL. I like it anyway.
And where are all the women who work at our mtgs???
Well, this is only a smattering (is that a word?) of the women, and we keep having new people show up all the time! Whoo Hoo! As much as I want to keep it informal, I guess I have to make it 'organized' so I don't spend so much time 'helping' with decisions. Deligate, I have to remember that...
Thank goodness for ladies who like to do handwork. ripping and snorting away...).
Three ladies working on Nick's quilt (unfortunately this quilt had 'ripples'... back to square (no pun intended) one.
Margaret busy sewing, while Judy and Beth are adding the binding on the last quilt to be finished.Yeah!
I hope to put together a Newcomer Packet, with guildelines for some of our basic techniques and also for some of our charities (their guidelines). We have different levels of sew-ers and quilters and hopefully, for all the things I keep learning about this craft, I can pass on tips and techniques that will save us time and keep from making any 'major' mistakes. (Aren't quilters supposed to make a 'minor' mistake in their quilts?) It's always difficult to only meet once a month for 2 1/2 hrs, especially when someone starts some part of the quilt and then can't make it the next month, then someone else takes over where they left off. You hope they can figure out what the last person was doing...
I try and give a quick mini-lesson on part of the contruction process (bindings, adding borders, squaring up blocks and quilts, etc... ) and instructions on a new block/technique (see the post below this one for a tutorial). The ladies seem to like it, and we all seem to benefit. It helps not to do a MAJOR backwards leap, when we have some quilts that already have a need when they get started! As long as I've been quilting (dare I admit to 1978?), I still learn something new and love passing it on. (Especially, if it's efficient!--I HATE WASTING TIME AND ENERGY!!) Anyway, it's all way too fun, and way too rewarding. (Can someone help me off my soapbox??)

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Mary said...

They look great finished Nancy - you come up with such creative names!

It's nice that you're having a surge in your membership but does sound like you'll have to spend some time organizing everyone so things will run smoothly.