Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Block Party!

I have a great idea for the Peace by Piece Quilters.... a Summer Block Party!
All those quilters out there have a WAAYYYY different mindset, so you all know where I'm going, don't you? It will be a heartstring or some other block (maybe both) 'block' that we'll be working on....
I'll have different 'houses' (tables) everyone can visit in the 'neighborhood' (our church hall). You can only 'visit' (work at) each house for a designated time limit (15 minutes), then you must 'visit' another neighbor and work at their house!!
I'll have a "Home of the Founding Fathers" (foundation blocks get cut here), a "Strip Club" (where you just cut strips- with your clothes on), the "Cafe" (I'll have everyone bring a snack and a bag lunch- I'll provide drinks & dessert-- actually, there is a woman who donates money to our group who'd like to make something for them to eat--I'll call her) and we'll hit there a couple of times all together, also maybe the "Iron workers" (where we iron--should I have them wear safety goggles and an apron?--LOL), and various houses where the machines are set up... "Designer's House" (only open when we have enough to put together as a top), "Massage Parlour" (for preparing backings)", "Sewer Dept", etc. I'll have to come up with a name for the 'handwork station' (my 80-yr old mom said that can be the "Bordello"-LOL-, but I think the church event needs a name like "The Garden Center" (where the cactus can prick your fingers) or "Retirement Home" or "Arthritis Center" (some peaceful name) .... I even can have a few people work at the "Delivery Service" or "Florist Delivery" (delivering strips to the Sewer Dept, blocks to the Iron Workers, etc-- and I'll have them in lovely baskets)
I'm sure I'll come up with some better names/ideas as I network this idea. I have a sweet dinner bell I can ring every 20 mins and I'll have an information sheet at each House so you know what to do there, but this way some of the new people to our group will learn something along the way. Hey, if you all have some ideas, let me know. I'm hoping to do this near the end of July/early Aug.
I'll have everyone sign up as to where they will start (or maybe I'll have papers in a basket and they can 'pick out' a paper that says where they start), then I'll let them know the itinerary... spending 15-20 mins at a time at each house, then move to the next one (since everyone will be starting at a different 'house'). I can have the "Designer's House" be closed until there is enough for someone to visit.

We won't be working on any quilts, per se, as we normally do, just doing blocks... finishing up to the top stage and picking out a backing. This is such a 'fun' idea.... I may end up with WAY more people than I plan, but I'll have to 'plan' for that too! See why I'll have everyone bring their own 'picnic' ?

If this goes really well for the Quilters, maybe I'll have them be the 'hosts' for the next one and invite the parishioners, so they can see what we do and how easy it is to participate! We have a crazy weather man on the local CBS station (Scot Haney) who is sooo crazy, he might like to publicize this!! LOLOL What a hoot THAT would be....


Sandy said...

Yep! - I think your block party sounds like a lot of fun.
Good luck with it.

Flylady always suggests 15 minutes for a task, so maybe scheduling 20 minutes between moving 'houses' would allow for a drink etc before going to the next stage.

Sandy in South Australia

Daybreak*Dawning said...

It sounds like a lovely idea~ KalamaQuilts