Monday, June 30, 2008

Church projects progressing...

Okay, so we have progress!... I brought a number of patterns (simple ones, since he wants it soon) and a bunch of strips of fabrics (to match color wise) to church on Sunday, and after the service, I layed them out on the tiles by the altar and found great colors to go with ... teal, aqua, royal blue, red, pecan, gold....etc. I'm using the pattern 'trading patches'
and hope to make 3 panels (or 4 if I'm lucky), attached to a plain top.
I have one panel done (although I need to add something to the top 3" of space) and I'll figure a way to attach it to the plain top. Maybe HST (mini's) along the top separating it from the bottom blocks by a gold lame flange/piping. I'll play with it this week. In the meantime....
I'm also getting my R/W/B heartstring blocks ready to send to Mary J.... I may put them into a top. or not. The PbPQ's did a great job making blocks to send. I'll have them work on Brights/B&W heartstrings for the rest of the summer.

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