Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Computer Issues-sans photos

Okay, so the 'upgrade' I agreed to could be causing the mouse to freeze up... I can still sew and post messages on this blog, but I can't post any of the pictures I've just uploaded to my computer until I salvage my system. (Thanks for the use of your computer, honey....)
I had a minor procedure (colonoscopy) today, but everything is fine. (Thanks, God.) It didn't keep me from putting loads of ties into a quilt (for Charlotte's Garden). I have yet to bind it, but that could happen by tomorrow. I hope to take some photos and upload them to hubby's computer, then I can add them to this posting.
I hope to be making some Heartstring blocks R/W/B patriotic ones (until July 4th), then I can't wait to make the B/W/Bright blocks. These are using Moda Botanical brights for the center strip (heartstrings), then blacks on one side and whites on the other (usually 3 strips), then use a different 'bright' for the two corners! the samples came out stunning!!!! Can't wait to post them!

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Candace said...

Glad your procedure went well, not the funnest thing, but not as bad as imagined. Hope you resolve your computer issues, that's never any fun. Sounds like your having fun quilting though, and are working on some great projects.