Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween capers!

This year Lee talked me into leaving our humble abode on Halloween night to go see the granddaughters. I LOVE this holiday and the tradition is to hand out candy, but keep track of how many kids came to the house. I think the most we've ever had was 61!

Well, this year, we went a few towns away and got to see the granddaughters (and gs Zackary, for HIS 1st Halloween!) Hubby Lee even dressed up in his acolyte outfit.
As we walked around their neighborhood, some people that we ran into actually called Lee, "Father'....thinking he was a priest...LOL
His son, Scott got to wear his glow-in-the-dark glasses and his daughter's wings that he'd painted with neon paint- she gave up on them, I think.

Even the females got in the fun! Our daughter Amber and DIL Diana (in the mask) had some laughs...

There is a family who carts some of the neighborhood families around in their wagon, pulled by a tractor. It was fun to see them go by... we also got to see the 'college kid's house' and the haunted cemetery in front of it.

The girls were dressed cutely...The Princess and the "Bee" (pun intended).
Anaka (in the middle) wouldn't let go of that donut hole for anything, but check out the extra photos link at the end of this post for what her big sister did to finally get a photo without the munchkin being in front of her mouth! LOL

Grandson Kai looked very debonaire with his swash-buckling outfit on. His mom Julie and her friend Andrew took him around our own neighborhood and over to see her dad on the other side of town.

It's great to have a 'stash of fabric upstairs, which is where the bandana and the sash came from. The pirate outfit originally belonged to Kai's Aunt Leslie when she was two or three. The striped pants were previously a skirt, but I sewed an upside-down "V" in the bottom to make them pants. Check out more Halloween photos.

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