Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Traditions

Here we are on the eve of a great holiday... where we have been doing a 'new' tradition, thanks to the girls. About 5 years ago, the daughters were spending the holidays with their respective boyfriends, and I couldn't see any reason to make a huge holiday dinner (is there any other, but huge?) for just Lee and I.
Lee & I went to our church's Thanksgiving eve service where they Bless bread that each family brings to the service and you take a loaf home. As I was waiting for Lee to disrobe from his acolyte robes, I glanced at the bulletin board near the door and read that a local bread co. needed volunteers for Thanksgiving Day. They sell their bread til noon all for charity. The nice thing is that the bread co building is 'just shy of' the finish line of our annual Turkey Day Race in town. We could always make Turkey Dinner on Friday when the girls were home. ... And the tradition started.
We've had a blast ever since. We get to see people in town, and those who've moved away, but came home for the holidays, and international runners (Kenya, Ireland, etc) and of course, since the main attraction is the race, we get to step outside (the owners remain inside to mind the register) and cheer the runners on....!!
We'll still have our dinner on Friday this year, with Leslie and Scott coming down from MA, and my mom's coming. (I'm most thankful for having my mom in my life still..... she's 80 yrs old and really spunky. Thank God for that!) Julie and Kai will be home, too. This year Les will be bringing dessert, mom is bringing squash and coleslaw & bars. Lee's work will provide the turkey this year (their gift to employees), so my day will be light. Can't wait to relax.....

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Mary said...

Here's to new traditions!

Since our move to Minneapolis, we don't have the boys here for Thanksgiving. Adam always works both Thanksgiving and Christmas so he isn't able to travel up to see we go to stay at the hotel where he works for the days leading up to Thankgivings and spend time with both boys.

Have a wonderful day.