Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm SO Dead!

You ever do something you know just got you in deep doo-doo with your favorite spouse(actually, my only one)....?
My hubby's favorite pinewood derby racer (the Penny Racer) was up on my bookcase (next to my chair at the computer). The operative word was "WAS"! I went to get something in the bookshelf that was a little too tightly in there, and in the process I 'nudged' the bookcase and something whizzed down from the top! =;0
YUP! You guessed it.... the Penny Racer.
And he's not home yet........
ooooh, I'm so dead.... The only thing that I hope saves me is the fact that when we were playing cards with my mom last night, he said I was a 'wicked good woman"! ;-)
I hope he remembers that.
I put it in front of his computer. Hope he can get it tweaked back in it's original shape.

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