Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quilting Accomplishments

Last week we had a mtg of the Peace by Piece Quilters (at my church). We got a lot done, but the nice thing was that we had 4 quilts Blessed at our 10am Sunday service. (I never seem to get a chance to finish them in time to make it to the announcement part of the 7:30am service, and it's too bad because a lot of the ladies in the group go to that service. Anyways, I announced that we had one going out to a 2 yr old on Charlotte's Garden who's very sick, but that we had a few quilts with no particular homes to go to... yet. Well, a few people to come up to me right after the service and some (very shyly) asked if it would be okay to request one for someone they knew. Of course! That's what we do!!
As of Monday, this one went to the 2 yr old (Critters in the Grass- above and the quilting on the back is by one of our angels, Mary Johnson in MN),
This one went to a lady with MS who has been having a hard time with her illness AND the home health aides she's had ... she now has NEW aides and will be getting our quilt (Heart Echoes), too,
This one went to a man (co-worker of a parishioner) who has been dealing with several health issues. His family is dealing with it as much as he is, so goes another quilt (quilted with 'Angel Wings")
Another went to a little 9-month old boy in town who has neurofibromytosis (Space Odyssey)
This also has the Angel Wings quilted into this. The quilting was done by one of the other of OUR angels, Laura McCarrick.
Another one, "Clifford" was given to the sister of a parishioner, a 44 yr old who just got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
Boy does it feel great for all of us to be able to bring peace to so many people who don't even know us... so peaceful.

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