Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama WINS!!

This will hopefully be the only post I put in my blog about politics...
Barack Hussein Obama
No matter who got in, it was to be a historical event, in any case. I ran out this morning to buy up several newspapers (to be put away after they are read) as they will be a valuable piece of history and I was there and got a chance to take part in it.
(Think what they may bring in on e-Bay...)
How lucky am I?
The emotions around this campaign were higher than I ever remember any election. There is so much hope on these faces....
I heard the horror stories of long lines and questions of whether our new voting system (scanned paper ballots) would work properly...they did and the wait at 7am was 22 mins. (I would have waited hours....brought my book to read, just in case... just to take part in this historical election).

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