Friday, December 26, 2008

Almost Queen of UFOs AGAIN!

As a member of Stashbusters, I am on the UFO challenge and needed to make SOMETHING from my UFOs and move it off my list, before the 26th (today)-- I had a week-- before I was queen. Since I needed to explain my plight as to why they weren't getting done, I wrote a cute little 'ditty'.... here it is.
Oh no..... I can't be the queen! I'm just a scullery maid and I have so much to do with THE impending royal event!! I CAN'T be queen!! I can't be....
Even in this age of non-chivalry, won't someone come to my rescue?
Just three days of work, then I'm moved up to Cook for the Royal Christmas Eve dinner. The menus been planned (sort of), but the feathers not plucked (must I do THAT to?) The master's not demanding, but the peasant's aren't much help since they've become sharecroppers in another kingdom. I don't want to have to make a potholder, but I WILL! (Maybe I can use it for the 'dinner' I'm to prepare?...hmmmm.)
You see, I wasn't always a scullery maid.... I once had a sewing room of my own. In the tower.
I once had my garments all hung up with care, I admit that my ufo drawer's never bare, but I did have site of my sewing to do, but presents invaded my space ...what to do?
You see, gifts for the Royal event had to hide, Asked the peasants "Are they in there?", "No", I had lied. But it kept me from sewing and that I regret, I had items to make for the event that was set!
And then came the news, proclamation of sorts, I was soon to be Queen. Me? with my worts?? It couldn't be true, For I am not noble. Better sew something quick, or I'm in big trouble! (almost rhymes, doesn't it?)
'Sew' in there I went, fought the boxes and bags, and wrapped a few gifts and I wrote out the tags. Then I snuck those few gifts to the dungeon below, (They would go to a party, in a fortnight, just those. )
But once those were gone, I'd have space, yes, I would! I might manage to sew... a finish is good. For the UFO Queen, I was soon to become. I'll find thread, some old project, make my sewing machine hum.
My UFOs, I have 14. Many were done this year. Just nothing was recently worked on, I fear. My oldest is ancient, since 2004. Anything older I've thrown out the door.
I have just a week, what's the fastest to make? Some quilting? a binding? Oh I'm starting to shake!
Do I have something fast? I don't think so, I'm doomed! Can I make a potholder? To the tower I zoomed! I shall proclaim my performance, whether valiant or fail, Pray for help from the peasants, no matter how much they wail!
Do I have just one block an old project can spare? Can I sew it up quick? Do I hope, do I dare? I now must be off, the countdown begins. We will see what award this scullery maid wins.
Hope you enjoyed my Royal tale 'ditty', Took up sewing time to write it, and make it look pretty. So off I must go, like a flash down the hall. Hope your holiday's bright, Merry Christmas to all!

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