Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Two Detours from Quilting

Just for the lack of photos in my Thanksgiving posts, I'm posting the 'leftovers' for the visual effect.
Okay, I debated whether to put this on my blog, but I think it needs to be out there. Let me preface it by saying I'm really a good cook. Okay, ... be real,... a great cook when I try (I had a GREAT teacher, ..mom). And yes, I'm modest, but also know I love to cook, so I enjoy it.
Thanksgiving in our house was on Friday (read the posts below), but since DH had to work, it wouldn't be until 6:30pm or so. Mom came over early in the day to help. I had pre-prepared things... cooking the onion, apple and celery for the stuffing ahead,... cutting up oranges- in half with the crown cut in the tops (these would hold my cranberry relish- not displayed in those orange crowns here, of course), etc.. ahead of time. Now that mom was over, I could start working on the dinner stuff. Of course the priority is stuffing the bird. I make a sausage stuffing, so I yanked out the bulk sausage, cornbread stuffing, broth, etc. and threw everything in my largest bowl (you need 'mixing space', you know). I stuffed the bird and put the leftover stuffing in a dish to cook separately and shoved everything into the oven. Whew! That's the hard part! Well, it IS!
(Edible Arrangement... boy, it was good!)
Unfortunately, (or fortunately) 6 minutes later, while rearranging things in the frig (pulling things off the back step-- it was cold enough out there-- to fill the space opened up by the bird being taken out), I discovered a container with...... ready? THE ONION/CELERY/APPLE MIXTURE!!!!

You never saw anyone whip out a turkey from the oven so fast! I gotta dig, scoop ... dig out the stuffing, ouch, didn't know a bird could start heating up that fast in the oven. Darn! What a ding-bat I am!! And I stuff BOTH cavities! It was gonna taste so much better with the 'moist' ingredients in it. Once I 're-stuffed the bird, ignoring my mom's laughter, back it went into the oven.... There! That's better.....

(This is 'Slumgullion'- like shepard's pie)

BTW, the dinner was delicious, even the stuffing! AMEN!
Second detour, I needed to make a few pillowcases for the Xmas gifts I bought on BF, for the granddaughters. I have a little bit of material that would be appropriate for their ages, 6, 4, 2, but not enough to make them Sunday. Need to hit a fabric store, I guess.... oh, Darn, THAT'S too bad. {:-) The quilting stuff will have to wait. I do have to finish making a few of the quilt 'bingo cards' for our church mtg on Dec 8th (Mon). Also, to make sure I have some prizes for the game. That's another post in Nov.

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