Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas morning...

This is always fun with little ones in the house.... We didn't do much for each other (not really), but it's fun to watch the kids be excited. Leslie and Scott were down from MA, but had to drive up to his folks for breakfast later. Nice to see them both!
I got a GPS unit from Leslie and I got a great box from Scott! A REAL 'Gully' box!

I'll explain the 'gully' box. I always made sure I put granola bars, water, etc. in the car for a road trip, other than around town. This was in case we got run off the road and ended up in the Gully (hence the name), so we could live for a few days. Sometimes it's a joke in the family, make sure you have gully food (as we send people off).... Just a few in your pocket or front seat or wherever, nothing formal you see. Well, Scott got me a 'formal gully box'. Inside was the traditional granola bars (lots), bottled water, army knife scissors, seat belt cutter (who'd have thought?), a wind-up flashlight (no batteries needed) and two books... The Worse Case Scenario survival Book, and the Worse Case Scenario Survival Book, Extreme Edition. What a HOOT!

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