Sunday, January 2, 2011


Ok, I thought my husband had some sense.... I'm hoping it comes back. He's planning (as of yesterday) to give his two weeks notice to his job. And from what he says, he's pretty sure that the owner will just tell him to leave NOW. It's a new job since June and he chose to leave a place he'd worked at for 18 yrs to go to this job (wasn't necessarily the wrong decision to leave the old place- they are still in trouble $$-wise-, just not for this new place). We dealt with not having insurance for 2 months then, now not sure what we will be doing, since I'll have to switch to health ins with my company and it's awful expensive and not the best plan. (Not that it isn't expensive anywhere).

Back to square one. Again.

He really wants to retire and I can't tell him we can afford it. I feel like the bad guy here, though he says I'm not. We just refinanced last summer which saved us some on the amount of our payment, but still back to 30 yrs,and this may make a big difference. He went out looking on Friday (Dec 31st), but can't really talk to anyone since it was the 'holiday' for most of the office people.

This is sooo stressful. I'm sure for him, who has to go to work for a guy who seems to be a tyrant, but the lack of income may be worse for all of us. I may have to look for another part-time job on top of this. I'll be laid-off in Mar-April, so add that to this and let's just shoot me now.

I'm hoping he rethinks this and doesn't do anything untiil he has a job (at least he did that the last time he left a job). What is he thinking??????or is he?

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