Saturday, February 26, 2011

2011 UFO Challenge

Here is a go at working at these UFOs that seem to get pushed aside for the PbPQ group's quilt. Maybe it's time to work on mine, too! This is taken off my sidebar, but I'm updating at what stage they are up to. If I get a chance to photograph them, I'll have photos posted here. Here is my list....

1 Jelly Bean BOM--top has been done

2 Fishing Lines Heartstrings quilt--top done, elaborately pieced-backing done
3 Mystery Quilt 32 1/2" quilt

4 Mystery Quilt 16 1/2" quilt

5 Twister on the Prairie

6 D9P green-purple pillow cover--top done...

7 Mini Poinsettia's on the Fence wall hanging--top done

8 Quartered Star wall hanging

9 Moroccan Table runner

10 African 9-Patch--top done

11 Rings around the Posies (table cloth)-- top done

12 Convergence Quilt-- needs unusual borders

1a Mardi-Gras Madness

2a Diamonds in the Mud--top done

3a Black & white box rotation

Update Mach 1st, 2011:
Since I signed up (even if it's only in my head) at the end of Feb, I don't think working on Feb's # is practical (it was #10). However, March's # is 1, so I'll go pull that from the pile and see where it goes.

Update March 5th, 2011: I've been working on a back for #2 lately, so maybe I'll keep going with that, then snag the correct (#1) for the month and finish it. First of all, I can't believe I'm even touching any of these, since I've put my personal stuff on the 'back burner'. It's a start(or maybe I should say, "a finish"')!

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