Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Sewing! and commercials...

Super Bowl Sunday was wonderful...except I had to go to an early service at church (7:30am) and they don't play any/much music. I miss that. I really LOVE my 10am service at St Mary's Episcopal, but Leslie (oldest daughter) was coming down from MA and I haven't talked to her since Christmas.

We had spent Friday and Sat raking the roof of snow.

This is so much better, but the ice dams in the gutters are still causing lots of problems inside the house.

This was the back of the house, before we started raking and breaking up the ice dams (having our contractor do them on the front of the house cost us $125) .

It really was pretty think up there... and probably pretty heavy, too.

Notice his weapon of choice?? The hatchet. I hope he doesn't chip too hard or we'll have a roof repair to add to the spring repairs already in the workings.

It was pretty damn thick, don'tcha think?

I put some chili in the crockpot, got some sewing in, and watched the commercial on the Super bowl game (only liked the Dorito/Pug and the Chevy Eco/convelescent home ones). It was a good day. Nice temperature, where the ice was even melting!! Yea!
These are some test blocks for the church group. I'll bring them to church on Sat for our quilting event.

Even Kai had a good time in the snow. It's up to the window on the driveway side. We have no where to put any more of it. Hope we get a break. It's been snowing every 2-3 days, (5"-24" at a time).

Now he can see inside the birdhouses. They are positioned under the eaves of the garage!!

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