Monday, February 21, 2011

Productive weekend

So far, this weekend has been truly productive in the sewing department. I've gotten some of the quilts back that I shared with the PbPQ group. I labeled them and finished them. I added five more 'done' quilts to their blog list for 2011. I have one more that is in the process of getting done (Orange Comets)... needs tying and a label (maybe I'll make a mini version of the shooting stars on the front for it).

I have one more day off (President's Day) and I've made a decision (important medical decision) that has been taking up my time (mentally), so once I make a phone call to proceed, then I can devote the rest of today with sewing! Nothing major, just spending money in the direction of chiropractic sessions for my migraines. Waking up today at 4:30am with one, helps move that decision in the right place. AND I haven't done my taxes (will do them this week), so I'm hoping to use what refund we get back for that. Pray.

I also made a few labels for our group (without putting a date on them), so I feel like lots got accomplished. I have even thought (hard) about finishing up a personal UFO "Crazy Green Cabin". All it needs is the quilting part and a binding. Maybe if I go ahead and make the binding, I'll be encouraged to keep going with it!

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