Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow days do not mean more Sewing!

I thought it was exciting to have every Friday off Jan -Mar (our slow season at work), but with all the snow storms (and ice storms yesterday/today), we've had random days off, but the majority of them have meant that we are shoveling,... and shoveling.... and chipping icicles...and sopping up drips in the house (window frames/ceilings-although the ceiling haven't started dripping yet).

What that really means is NO SEWING! Between the hours spent outside shoveling, and the time spent inside with the water, I'm exhausted!! So, no sewing for a while.

I do have a quilting event on the 12th of this month, so I have to prepare some things ahead of time for that. That may be the only thing I get done.

....OH! Wait!..... I did get to midnight quilters at our local quilt shop and did get one top finished (but that was because I planned out the 6 hr session and it didn't get cancelled this time. Here is the top.
This is a closeup of the "Elusive Borders"....

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