Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bound up and loving it!!!

Sorry for the title, but I had to...heeheehheeeee!
I've been binding quilts lately like crazy. I have three that need bindings made or sewn to them (brought these home from our quilting event at church last week). Unfortunately, I haven't taken photos of THOSE because my mom (the binding queen) took two of them home to finish the handsewing on them.

However, Marilyn finished this one and dropped it off for a label. (I have the label at church- it's a 'real' envelope block that we'll put on and drop a inspirational note in it for the recipient).

This one my mom dropped off after hand-stitching the binding on this one. Very cute.

This one is special.... Our church group had sent a quilt to Mavie's dear friend in Maine who was sick. To thank us, Mavie made all these blocks and I picked them up in Maine on our way to our vacation cottage. I put them together in Maine, then brought them back for the ladies at church to finish. This is the finished quilt. Marilyn rolled the backing over for the binding on this one.

This is the label for a couple of quilts.

This quilt I'm hoping we can have our 'angel quilter' quilt for us. I really love it.

This is my favorite quilt as of yet...It's got such a homey feel about it.

I have some black fleece for the back of this one... then I'm done.
All I have left to do is make some sample blocks for the next meeting.

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Deborah said...

I really like the idea of envelopes as part of the label on these quilts. In our church we have been writing directly on our backings - but that is necessarily brief.